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If you'll pardon my French
Letting out steam with the hope that the pressure can change the world.

The Travel Flu
Everything about travelling and travels.

NuvolGrix, chez les Bretons
A blog on general issues, including the culture shock of living abroad, or the one of being back in one's home country.

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NEW PIX!! (Galician Postcards Aug'10)

Roman Postcards Jan'09

Rome Jan'09


Bye Goblin King Tour-May'08

PT-Punting May'08

Saint Ives '08

Tioman '08

Maria Laach DGM Training '07

Karlsruhe SMINS Workshop '07

Brussels Jazz Marathon '07>


Occitanie Xmas'06

Xocolatada CCE Dec'06

Slovenia 11/06

Thailand Summer/06

More sightseeing in Paris

Normandie 05/06

New Year's Eve in Paris

Sightseeing in Paris


VeniceSept05: Wedding_Adolfo&Diletta


TMS Arizona'05

Indonesia '03

Kayak Costa Brava'03


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Welcome to my site!! Please feel at home, and look around.

29 Oct 2012

A new blog added, "If you'll pardon my French", where I'll be rambling about various issues, not always in a politically correct tone.

30 May 2011

The chronicles of the journey to East Asia, and a few selected pictures, are already being uploaded as they are happening. Go to the blog travelflu and have a look, and you'll experience the journey in (almost) real time!!

13 May 2011

2006's Thai holiday pix are back online, after the server where they were stored had gone bust.

31 August 2010

The first selection of Galician pictures is online, and the rest will follow shortly. The travel blog has also been updates with some Survival Tips, but you already knew that, didn't you?.


I hope you'll enjoy your visit!!

Some older updates...

11 August 2010

Please pay attention to my blogs, as those are what gets updated more often nowadays. With the new design you should also be able to 'follow' them (i.e. subscrive to them, somehow). And eventually there will also be new pictures, but first there will be the 'almost real time' chronicle of some journey in the travel blog.

22 February 2010

After a couple of weeks with the server down, this site is up online again, and with new stuff (check the blog). Enjoy!!

25 January 2010

You'll find the most recent updates on this pages are on the "NG chez les Bretons" blog. Meanwhile I'm looking forward doing some journey to spicy up the travel blog and photo sections. May be soon there will be, as well, some new(ish) pictures and new books in the 'literary' section.

31 January 2009

After a great weekend in Rome, meeting old friends, eating to death (by pleasur e, of course), and even having time to wear our feet off walking this exciting cit y, the least thing one can do is to upload some pictures to make you a bit envious ... ;-)

15 November 2008

Although not in the land of the Bretons anymore, social and musical activities have not stopped in the blog. Have a look yourself!!

31 August 2008

The complete selection of pictures from Portugal is already up. You'll also find that I've started 'recovering' some older pictures, Indonesia, Arizona, and others. Ideally, I'd like to have pictures of most journeys available online.

28 August 2008

Slowly but steadily the pictures of various travels and activities from the last year are being added to this site. First the pictures of a weekend Tioman Island, Malaysia, from last summer, and the first selection of images from Portugal from last weekend. Soon there will be the whole selection of pictures from Portugal, may be some new additions to the travel blog, and some recommended books I've read recently. May be a new arrangement of the whole site as well, starting with the New Pictures section, with a quick selection of the newest images I've taken.

31 May 2008

Our friend the Goblin King is getting married, and we could do no less than organising him the best Stag's Night party we could think of. Obviouly, one night was not enough, neither was enough one single countrty, to have 5, Kos, the Goblin, fare well from single life, so we organised the Bye Goblin King Tour, spanning three countries and many parties!!... Barcelona, Bishops, Berlin and Cambridge, in one of the most glorious parties ever!!. Please see the whole story (well, some of it, after applying some self-censorship) in one of the blogs and the pictures elsewhere.

18 May 2008

The PT-Group has finally gone punting!! (after a couple of failled attempts, sabotage actions by the metereological office and various other missfortunes)

5 May 2008

1st of May in the UK!! (of course, here the first of May bank holiday has been moved to the 5th, but anyway). It has been a very sunny Monday, and I've gone to visit this small village, St. Ives, a few miles from here, which has one of the last standing medieval bridges with a chapel on it. A selection of pictures is already online, and some entry in the blog will arrive shortly.

5 April 2008

After these books, a new entry of the blog "Nuvolgrix chez les bretons" has been added, to celebrate still a new change in country, and in queue are the rest of the cronicles and the pictures of last summer travels.

10 March 2008

Finally, it seems that the web site will start being updated again in a more regular basis. Or at least that is my intention, I hope this time I'll catch up with my old rhythm of updates. To start with sthg easy... let me add a couple of books to my 'suggested reading' list...

16 Sept. 2007

Yes, I remember... I was supposed to upload a lot of new pictures from the last various activities, concerts and tourism from the early summer, before leaving Paris in a hurry... don't you worry, all that will eventually make it's way to these pages, but for the time being, there are more urgent announcements to make... After a rollercoaster of a summer, finally I can escape to take a well deserved break. Of course it will be a journey to some interesting and possibly exotic place, but you'll have to come again to check where by reading the travel blog (yep, that one on your left.. nono, a bit lower...that's the one!). Take care, and see you soon in these pages!!

23 July 2007

June 2007 was the month of multiple trips to Germany for various professional reasons, but also an oportunity to meet many people and visit interesting places: Karlsruhe and Maria Laach. And soon there will be some more pictures from a medieval weekend in Provins, trips to Belgium and the UK, the jazz festival in Paris...

15 June 2007

Mhhh... this month of June will be a very busy one in terms of activities in Paris and around... If you don't believe me, just have a look at all the posibilities for the coming weekends in the blog 'Chez les Bretons'

01 June 2007

The pictures of yet another marathon!! (but this time a much healthier one)... The Brussels Jazz Marathon 2007!! Mmmhhh... I was missing good beer and correctly fried fries... ;-)

24 May 2007

The last item from last summer's journey to Thailand is finally online! A map of the country with our journey. Apart from that, well, soon there should be a few more things, like the trip to Brussels of this weekend, decided yesterday evening, to attend the Brussels Jazz Marathon with some friends.

21 May 2007

Upppsss....Almost two months have passed since the last time I wrote sthg to this editorial. Actually in this time I've kept adding a few things to the site, like the pictures from the Paris Marathon, and now, a short example of how busy can one be when living in Paris during late spring or summer (well, that's actually a good excuse for not having got much time to spend on this site lately). In any case, I should still write some comments on books, films, a theater play, and various concerts of the St. Germain des Pres Jazz Festival that I've attended recently. Well, I'll try at least...